Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sec 2-1 Meets Their Users!

Sec 2-1 today got their first live experience of need-finding through interviews.  5 visitors from the Friends of the Disabled Society (FDS) visited the school at noon to be interviewed by our young design thinkers. The delegation was led by Ms Roog, head of the Society, who had been kind enough to agree to the session and to arrange for transport for the members.

Though palpably nervous, the teams were well-prepared with questions and pre-allocated roles. They had already decided which of them would take be asking questions, recording spoken responses, and recording non-verbal reactions (e.g. facial expressions or body language).

Our friends from FDS joined the students at their tables. There was a round of introductions, and then the interviews began!

2-1 managed the interviews superbly - they were patient, focused and listened carefully to every word their guests had to say. 

They also coped well with unexpected challenges. For example, one of our guests was not able to respond verbally. Instead, she responded to their questions by typing out her answer on her cellphone. This slowed down the interview process significantly, and ultimately the students weren't able to complete their interviews. However, they remained patient and collected throughout, and plan to complete their interview with their interviewee via email.

The students also had the opportunity to show their guests some ideas for crafts that they could teach the members. Ms Roog had requested that the class provide training to the members, to enable them to produce crafts that could be sold to the public.

At the debrief, the students were subdued and thoughtful after their conversations with their guests. At the same time, there was an undercurrent of energy and eagerness to take up the challenge of designing something to help these "users" whom they had now met face to face.

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