Thursday, 28 February 2013

2-1 Learns about Empathy (Part 2)

Today, 2-1 learned about one useful way to get to know their users - through Observation!

Before letting them out into the field, we provided them with a tool to guide their observations - the "What-How-Why" tool from the Bootcamp Bootleg.

Armed with their observation worksheets, 2-1 descended on the canteen, where they observed their selected users - unsuspecting teachers having lunch! The students relished the opportunity to be the ones this time scrutinising their teachers' every movement and expression.

However, being first-time observers, their skills could do with a little honing. As time went by, they looked less like unobtrusive observers, and more and more like vultures lurking too obviously on the periphery of the scene. After giving them one too many suspicious glances, teachers started to leave rather than be subjected to further eyeballing.

2-1 enjoyed the experience tremendously, and came away with some insightful observations. Some even went so far as to eavesdrop (a little clumsily) on their teachers' conversations! All in all, a good introduction to the difficult but fascinating experience of design thinking fieldwork.

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