Thursday, 21 November 2013

Train the Trainers Day 2

On the second day, the groups completed their prototypes and presented it in the form of a role play. The other groups gave feedback on the ideas presented. It was a fruitful experience.

The final design challenge was the wallet challenge, where the participants were tasked to design something based on what they found from the wallet of their user. The teachers interviewed each other on the contents of their wallets. Surprisingly, their wallets gave a lot of insights. They then used recycled materials to design a product based on the insights collected from the interviews.

Here are some examples of prototypes from the participants:

1. Needs Statement: practical-minded XXX needs a way to organise her things in an efficient manner because she wants to have a sense of security in knowing where her things are.

Prototype: This is a multi purpose card for XXX. It has Nets, EzLink and membership functions for stores (such as watson's etc) that can be customized by XXX so that she does not need to carry multiple cards around and worry about finding the correct card. This all-in-one card has a face recognition system for security and a LCD screen that displays her expenditure and membership info!

2. Needs Statement:"Family-oriented XXX needs a way to minimise extra-work because he likes to spend time with his family."
Prototype: For Family-Man 'man, the 'invention' created is an app which can help him group similar tasks together for convenience's sake such that he can save time for family activities which are more important to him.As someone who values relationship, the app also has a function where he can invite closer friends to access his published schedule so that they can offer to help him with some of the tasks. This is seen from the 'Feeds' section where friends will send him a message through the app to tell him which task they can help with and XXX can strike it off his schedule, thus freeing his time up for his family.

3. Wallet Watcher
Prototype: Easy reminder app on phone (alarm system)
1. Download the app
2. Place the card on the hp screen.
3.Retail store and the expiry date on the card will be scanned and captured.
4. App will trigger alarm 1 week (may be adjusted) before expiry date and on the day itself.
5. Discard your unwanted cards. No more bulky wallet!

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