Monday, 25 August 2014

Secondary 1 Design Thinking Workshop

On 2 and 3 June, our lower Secondary students participated in the Design Thinking workshop jointly organised by Commonwealth Secondary School and Singapore Polytechnic (SP). Our teachers and SP lecturers introduced design thinking to the students through various activities such as the Marshmallow Challenge, need-finding, brainstorming and prototyping. The design challenge for this year was: "How might we design Commonwealth Secondary School to be more eco-friendly?" Students, in their groups, interviewed each other to gather data before ideating for solutions. The students enjoyed exploring different parts of the school for their field observation. They also enjoyed prototyping their ideas with recyclable materials and presenting these prototypes to our invited guests. Overall, it was an enriching experience for our students.

Students presenting their ideas

Persona Development to understand the needs of our teachers

Teachers and SP lecturers who facilitated the workshop

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