Thursday, 11 April 2013

Ideation and Selection

Our students have spent several weeks learning about the needs of their users from the FDS. They are now ready to embark on their Design Challenge: to redesign how friends from the FDS make or sell their crafts.

In groups, our students began by brainstorming for ideas to design creative solutions for their users, who individually possesses a unique profile. The students found that they had to remain focused on the task in order to find appropriate ways to meet the real needs of their users, rather than to fulfil their own ideals.

With some encouragement, our students were able to let their creativity flow and they impressed us with a myriad of wide-ranging ideas for their users. They were certainly proud of their accomplishments.

At the end of the lesson, students selected the top three ideas which they will refine over the course of the week. We are looking forward to seeing the development of their ideas.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Identifying User Needs

Today, Sec 2-1 began to work on defining the needs of their users. Drawing on what they have learnt at the interview session, students discussed their insights into the lives of their users, and from there, they began to determine possible emotional and physical needs of their users. Students generated various "Point of View" and "How Might We" statements to express their understanding of their users' needs. 

Despite being their maiden attempt, many groups came up with surprisingly accurate insights into the needs of their users, and they demonstrated genuine thoughtfulness and empathy for their users! Here are a few samples. 

"Ms Pricilla needs an easier way to communicate faster in a way that makes her feel confident and productive. How might we find a way to help Ms Pricilla communicate faster to make her feel confident and productive?"

- Eldwin's Group

"Mr Palang needs a way to socialise with people through selling crafts that makes him feel independent. How might we help Mr Palang socialise with people through selling crafts which makes him feel independent?"

- Natchanon's Group

Mr Bobby Yeo needs a way to make easier art and craft in a way that makes him feel able-bodied so that he does not feel limited because of his physical disability. How might we create an easier art and craft [for Mr Yeo] that makes him feel able-bodied so that he does not feel limited because of his physical disability?"

- Surabhi's Group