Thursday, 30 May 2013

User Testing

After a few more weeks of preparation and rehearsals, our Design Thinkers were ready to present their prototype solution ideas to the members of the Friends of the Disabled Society (FDS). Each solution idea was designed to address the needs of a particular FDS friend whom the student group interviewed. Prior to this user testing session, the FDS friends had no idea what students have managed to invent for them. There was a lot of excitement and anticipation in the air as students awaited the arrival of their guests who would be judging their solution ideas. Collecting feedback from their users is very important to the students as they would gain valuable, firsthand information on the quality of their solution ideas, paving the way for further iterations. 

When the FDS friends arrived, students gave them a very warm welcome and set to their tasks right away. Some groups created models of their solution ideas that the users can touch and feel in order to test the functionality of their ideas. 

Others utilised powerpoint slideshows to illustrate their solution ideas in order to graphically simulate an actual experience of their solution ideas.  

One group took on a more hands-on approach and even brought paint and brushes to the table to allow their users to try out a painting technique on the spot!

There was also a group that brought a guitar. Their idea was to create a music video with their user. Soon, the room was filled with chatter, laughter and music. 

The FDS friends appeared to be very pleased with the solution ideas. We are also proud of how they have managed their user testing session so well. Well done, 2-1!