Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Design Thinking for 1NT Students: School Bag Challenge

Following the pilot from 2-1, the 1-8 students started on the Making a Difference Programme in Semester 2 Using the Design Thinking model, students were given the challenge of redesigning a school bag for their peers. The students enjoyed drawing their sketches, getting feedback and making their prototypes.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

M.A.D. Design Thinking EXPO 2013

On 13 July 2013, after months of preparations and iterations, Class 2-1 successfully hosted a Design Thinking EXPO to present their improved solution ideas to users from the Friends of The Disabled Society (FDS). We were honoured to have Ms Jastina Koh, President of FDS and Ms Glynnis, Vice-President of FDS, visit the EXPO. It was also wonderful to see other disabled friends of the FDS and guest teachers present in support of this event. 

Here are the photos of the groups’ booth display:

 Alvin's group: Designing a phone app for Ms Priscilla 

 Tarun's group: Designing a method to teach MC to paint

Natchanon's group: Designing a table for Mr Palang for selling crafts 

At the EXPO, it was a gratifying  experience to witness how much 2-1 students had grown in their knowledge of Design Thinking problem solving process and the tremendous improvements that they had made to their initial prototyped ideas. 2-1 exceeded our expectations in their ability to present a clear, confident, and detailed explanation of their prototypes, and to be able to guide their users professionally to experience their prototyped ideas. Students also impressed us with their display of humility as they listened attentively and patiently to all remarks made by their visitors, some of whom have difficulties expressing verbal responses clearly, and they accepted all feedback graciously.

2-1 students presenting their ideas:

Here are the reflections of the students at the finale of their Design Thinking Journey:

I learned how to put myself in others' shoes and understand the feeling of others. I can use this in daily life to prevent myself from hurting others. – Aarthi

We have to be more realistic and also (understand) that the prototypes are to suit the users' liking and not just based on what we like or think is good. – Megan

Failure is the mother of success. Be ready to hear criticisms and make mistakes on the first try of making the prototype. – Tarun

I learnt how to empathise with my user's needs and think of useful solutions for them. I can use this skills when I have this type of projects in the future. – Yan Hunk

We hope that 2-1 has had a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience, and that they will apply Design Thinking to other aspects of their lives too.

All the best, 2-1!