Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Learning Experience Design (Cont'd)

We continued our journey with Singapore Polytechnic to co create the space for our new Design and Technology studio in September. As we delve deeper into the lives of our students, we begin to uncover unmet needs and tried to find ways to meet them with the new space. For instance, if students wanted to learn collaboratively, could the space provide them this opportunity? Could we allow the space to be open so that students could work independently? These were some questions that we discussed and debated upon in order to come up with some guiding principles in the design of the learning environment. We also considered the furniture for the space. For instance, what type of furniture will allow students to work individually and collaboratively at the same time? How can we accommodate the varying heights of upper and lower secondary students? How can we make the furniture inviting so that students will make use of them? We also spent time prototyping some parts of the space. Using foam boards, we constructed cubicles for teachers in order to obtain their feedback.

Aligning user experience with the design principles in the space

Story boarding the users' experience in the Design and Technology studio

Prototyping the layout of the space using scaled drawings

Prototyping the furniture for teachers