Monday, 16 November 2015

Design Thinking Workshop for Teachers

Our teachers spent 3 hours today to engage in Professional Development in design thinking, as part of our efforts to promote a culture of innovation and empathy in the school. The teachers were split into 2 groups and had to pair up to tackle the design challenge: "redesign the morning experience of your partner". Teachers who have had experience with design thinking paired up with another colleague as their user while new staff had students as their users. Both groups went through each mode of the design thinking process to find and address the needs of their users. It was a fruitful experience as the teachers got to know more about their colleagues' morning routines and the problems they face during morning commutes


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Redesigning the Library using Design Thinking

The English Department embarked on a year-long design thinking process to redesign the library in Commonwealth Secondary School. They identified students and teachers as their users and tried to gain insight into their needs for the library space. Based on their findings, they narrowed down the key features of the library space into 3 core functions. As part of the culminating event, the team presented their key findings and the third iteration of their prototype design to the school leaders today for their feedback and further discussion.

The team shadowed their users to find out how and why they use the library space

Journey map of the different users to gain empathy and to understand the affordances of the space

The team discusses the prototype design with the school leaders

Monday, 6 April 2015

Secondary Two Design Thinking Challenge 2015

This year, the Secondary 2 students embarked on a Design Thinking Challenge related to the school environment. They were tasked to either design a better way to conserve energy in the school, or design a better way to keep the school clean. The students started off with field observations and interviews. They interviewed students, teachers and also school cleaners. The students obtained a lot of information from their subjects and learnt how to empathise with them.

Groups discussing what interview questions to ask their subjects

Students taking turns to interview the school cleaners