Saturday, 11 March 2017

Secondary Two Design Thinking Expo

This year, the Secondary two students had their Design Thinking Expo on 6 March 2017. This event was their grand finale for their series of Design Thinking lessons which started beginning of this year.

Preparing the venue for the Expo

Opening address by our Principal, Mr Aaron Loh
During this expo, the students were given a fixed amount of time to complete their prototype before presenting it to the expert user.

It was great to see students exercising their creativity through experimenting various prototyping methods which they have learnt in class.  This low-res prototyping method enables them to gain an overall view of the product using minimal time and effort.

The students will need to present their prototype to the expert user during the expert judging stage. After the first round of expert judging, the students were given some time to make changes based on feedback, and to test out their new iterations.

Prototyping a low res web experience
Showing off an app they have prototyped

Prototyping in progress

Prototyping in progress

Expert Judging and Iteration

Presentation to the judge and their classmates

Our guests (and judge), Mdm Lily Lek and Mdm Chan, from Pandan Community Gardens. 

Nano Block Prizes for the winning team
Prize presentation to the winning team